Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cursed blessings

ming.jpgMing is the evil dictator from Flash Gordon. Choose one of his "blessings" below and tell what happened afterwards.
  • May your porridge be infused with the impervious foulings licking from the slime hole of a Quisnaglian Klitbunkit.
  • May your drawers be filled with the fuscous evacuation fondling from the secret cavity of a Ickian Zyzygdung.
  • Your wish is granted: drink the opacous nastiness regurgitating from the sweat void of a Crongian Cankerlicker.
  • Everyone knows you bathe in the opaline off-scum rejecting from the underarm cavity of a Kterigadian Pimple Popper.
  • Yeah? Well, your Mentor wears combat boots filled with the maroon matter plucking from the sweat hole of a Hogsodian Crotchbug.
  • May you die of the khaki guano needing from the slime openings of a Lilgoogian Danglidwid.
  • May you drown in the diaphanous draggletail distending from the ooze hole of a Haagpokian Yaghord.
More blessings available at Ming Blessings.

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