Thursday, July 26, 2007

Starring role

mongols.jpgThis is from the NaNoWriMo Adopt-a-plot folder where writers post extra plots they won''t be using.

Use it as a 10-15 minute writing prompt or go for a longer piece :-)

#75: "Have a massive syndicate running a series of game stations all over the galaxy, where people go and visit so that they can cameo role play in various different worlds - so like, there's a LotR world with real elves and stuff, and there's a Mongol China world - and a dragonriders world, etc. The protagonist is in one of these worlds, but finds the maintenance door, and can go between them - and maybe undermines or destroys the syndicate by the end. Double props if there's someone on the outside who has a story too, and follows him/her and they eventually fall in love as the syndicate falls down." -- CrimsonShinigami

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