Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ritual enhancements

Maori Haka
Create two scenes for characters who have adopted superstitious rituals to aid them in their endeavors. One scene is of a high-end thief, perhaps art, jewelry or something uniquely valuable to his or her world as the thief prepares for the evening's heist. The other is of the law officer who has been on the thief's trail for 19 years as she or he prepares to finally capture the thief.

(As always, you needn't confine yourself to contemporary times or even Earth based.)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Supernatural writing prompts from LitBridge

What a wonderful collection of story and poetry prompts at LitBridge about the supernatural (and mundane) world. The site is dedicated to helping writers of all levels become more professional with information about writing programs, contests and more.

On the writing prompts page, are links organized by a huge collection of categories from seasons, to mythological creatures, to beautiful words. Each page has 10-30 prompts. The collection the supernatural links below were taken from is about halfway down the page.

Creative Writing Prompts About Aliens
Creative Writing Prompts About Demons
Creative Writing Prompts About Dragons
Creative Writing Prompts About Dreams
Creative Writing Prompts About Fairies 
Creative Writing Prompts About The Future
Creative Writing Prompts About Gargoyles
Creative Writing Prompts About Ghosts
Creative Writing Prompts About Heaven
Creative Writing Prompts About Hell
Creative Writing Prompts About Mermaids
Creative Writing Prompts About Superheroes
Creative Writing Prompts About Werewolves
Creative Writing Prompts About Vampires
Creative Writing Prompts About Zombies
What If Creative Writing Prompts

Here's a sampling:

Write a story about a man who virtually chats with an alien unknowingly. The man starts to fall in love with this mysterious stranger. What happens next?

Write a poem about yourself from the perspective of an alien.

Write a story about different dragons from varying cultures meeting each other. Try to research how different cultures perceive dragons to better give your dragons more realistic and culturally appropriate attitudes.

Write a poem about how to care for a dragon.

Write a story about a demon who wants to become good but faces resistance from fellow demons.

Write a story about a baby demon who is learning to help humans sin, possess their bodies and ultimately take their souls.

Write a story from a perspective of a main character who is looking for a dream. Why is he or she looking for a dream? What happened to their prior dreams? Describe the journey.

Write a poem about alternative views of fairies such as them being demoted angels, having connection to death, or as another race.

Write a story about a young psychic who discovers that she has the ability to communicate with people living in the future.

Write a poem with the following words: granite, evil, aqueducts, and gargle.

Write a story about a human who wakes up as a stone gargoyle. The story could be about the people the human gargoyle sees everyday. During the story, the gargoyle may be turned back into a human. What happens next?

Write a story that is entirely based in a ghost world.

Write a poem in the form of a ghost story.

Read literature that describes what heaven is like. This literature can include various religious texts. Write a poem dedicated to each of these types of heavens. Feel free to include your own perceptions of these heavens.

Write a story where the main character has a genuine fear of spending eternity in heaven.

Write a story where the main character is trying to be recruited by Lucifer to become the Antichrist.

Write a story about mermaids who live in modern civilization and have regular jobs, schedules and responsibilities.

Write a story from the perspective of the villain who happens to be a close friend or lover of a superhero.

Write a poem about a modern or fictional superhero who has truly failed in a crisis.

Write a story that begins with a superhero’s death and how the world reacts to it.

Write a story about a child who is raised in a family of werewolves. However, he did not inherit the family trait of being a werewolf.

Write a poem about transformation. Try to use an analogy that compares transformation with the type of transformation a werewolf may have.

Write a poem with the following words: mocking, blood, fangs and immortality.

Write a poem about the relationship between vampires and religion.

Write a funny story about a character who truly believes he/she is a vampire even though he may not be one at all.

Write a story about a zombie who slowly falls in love with another zombie.

What if your friend joined a cult that worshipped dogs?

What if your pet could only talk to you at midnight for an hour?

What if you could make any religious belief truly real? Which one would you pick and why?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A lóng he came ...

Write a scene introducing a character who looks human but is actually a dragon -- without revealing their secret. Describe their movements, the quality of their voice, their quirks. Anything that a reader would later recall as clues when the secret is later revealed. Include dialog. Perhaps the dragon is a shop keeper, a client, a new neighbor.

This reminds me of a wonderful book, Tea with the Black Dragon by R.A. MacAvoy. I don't think the sequel lived up to it, but this one had a lovely relationship between the main character and the man who aids her in her quest for her daughter, who may or may not be a 2000 year old Chinese dragon.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In the end ...

Here are the last lines. Pick one and write the story that led up to it.
  • A unicorn followed her. Then another. Then another.
  • It was satisfying punishment for the worst Best Chef in the kingdom.
  • He dropped a match onto the mound of torn papers, splintered furniture and bloody rags. He waited until the fire strengthened, devouring the memories more greedily. Then he left, locking the door behind him.
  • We descended into the tunnels before the dawn could heal us.
  • Sure it was just a chicken. But what a magnificent chicken it was.
  • She set the golden tooth into the tray and closed the slender drawer on the cabinet. Now her hobby didn't seem so strange anymore.
  • "Peacekeepers," he grumbled, watching the last departing vehicle turn the corner. He turned back to the disheveled room, picked up a broom and began sweeping.

Thursday, February 06, 2014


Retell a fairy tale starring your characters. From a current work. From a favorite work. From several works. Have them meet!

Or create a fairy tale world populated by your characters. Who would make the best Cinderella? The best Big Bad Wolf? The best giant slayer? Might there be surprising age, sex and species differences?

(I do go on fairy tale kicks occasionally!)

As mentioned in last week's post, a fairy tale list (and links to other lists) is at Fairy Tales, and a random picker at Tale of Two Tales.