Thursday, March 17, 2011

Transformation overload

Okay, I've been trying to cobble together a writing prompt from the tropes generated by TV Tropes story generator for 3 days. As is true of most generators, and especially true of the complex ideas from TV Tropes, the items generated don't always work together.

Not a problem. I just have to compile the ones I like and generate more until I have a full set. Except at TV Tropes, once you dip in you can get lost for hours!

But one page I landed on seemed especially fertile for story ideas. Here's an attempt at compiling every transformation idea ever used more than once. So take one and come up with a fresh approach.

The Shape Shifting page linked also has a long list of shape shifting tropes (which are different from transformation tropes!) And each of the links below goes to a page with an longer explanation and loads of examples from literature to video games to music. But, trust me, just use the short explanations listed here. TV Tropes has got to be one of the biggest black holes on the internet. You really don't want to go to there unless you've got hours to spend.


Tropes related to transformations as an event:

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