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Here there be dragons

A wealth of pages on creating dragons.

Dragon_of_Winter.jpgDragon and Dragon Name Generators

Seventh Sanctum's Dragon generators
There are a wealth of generators at Seventh Sanctum for fantasy, science fiction and gaming.

Dragon Breed Generator - Creates names for Dragon breeds, both in a semi-real world style, or in a general fantasy style.

  • Hungarian Greattoothed Highflyer
  • Daywind Terror
  • Majestic Giantwing
  • Mottled Greattoothed Trampler
  • Sapphire Daymaw
Dragon Character Generator - Creates very detailed dragons for use as characters in stories or games.

Example: Woodstopper - She is a young dragon. She has silver scales and ridges on her back. Her breath is a cloud of gas that puts most beings to sleep. She is very cunning. She lives in a deep and mysterious forest. Her hoard is small.

Dragon Description Generator - Creates highly detailed dragon descriptions for writing, games, and art.

Example: "This dragon has a thick, short body with a thick tail and neck. Its scales are green. On the end of its tail is a bladelike extension. This dragon has short, thick limbs with three splayed digits on each foot that end in very short claws. It has small, wide-set wings running from its shoulders to its lower back. This dragon has a small mouth and has a pronounced underbite. It has giant slitted nostrils. This dragon has slitted eyes that are red. It has small holes for ears. A bony plate projects from the back of its skull, protecting its upper neck Flaps of skin allow it to completely close its nostrils."

The Dragon Stone name generator
Get 5 dragon names at a time in various styles.

Human language:
  • Astra Goldenlair
  • Ebonyguardian Quick-Night
  • Draco Timewyrm
  • Sapphirecloud
  • Astralfly
Mix of dragon and human:
  • Fyre Worhamumin
  • Glala Draig
  • Ignatius Isnou
  • Binachul Lightning-Night
  • Detu Silence
Anne McCaffrey Pern style:
  • Hyoth
  • Papith
  • Imath
  • Xebrasoth
  • Drhoth
(There's also a Pern style name generator at Dragon Name Generator that can display up to 50 names at a time.)

Terry Pratchett Swamp style:
  • Goodcherry Lightning V of Brindisi
  • Gaynose Elspeth of Ankh
  • Petallight Marquis Prosper the Seventh
  • Sundawn Tallulah
  • Baronet Marchlight Gayreeds of Genua
Dragon Name Generator
Type in your name and turn it into a dragon name. Mine is: Jarkore the Great Dragon (Green Dragon)

(There are quite a few quirky name generators at Rum and Monkey like "The fluffy kitten name generator" and "Reveal your ridden [sic] Harry-Pottery Patronus" and "The Damned Hippie Name Generator". (Note some of them are beyond PG-13.)

Dragon Name Resource
A thorough discussion of techniques for naming dragons. Some examples: Naming after yourself (scramble the letters of your name), important dates and places, after a friend, a book character, strange words, personality traits, another language.

Dragon Names

The Dragon's Chart from The Serene Dragon
An extensive list of names of dragons and story titles and characters in dragon stories.

Dragon Names
List of famous dragon names, plus dragons in literature, TV, film, video games, etc. Also a selective list of links to more dragon names.

Dragonorama's Famous Dragons, Serpents and Wyrms
Some that aren't listed at the above site. (Links to the rest of the alphabet are at the bottom of the page.)

Dragon Names
Names that mean dragon, serpent, snake, famous dragons. (There are also names by nationality and if you pull down the pull down menu there are dozens and dozens of special category names, eg, ghost, element, fire, color .. there are two pages of them.

The Real Dragon Magic Names
An article on dragon-magic names rather than dragon magic-names but some very cool sounding words that could be used for dragon names (or, of course, dragon magic!) As well as a draconic dictionary for making up your own. Here's a sampling:
  • Abumagi (Scales of Energy)
  • Arctaos Ro (Everlasting Charm)
  • Chaun Duil (Expel from Lair)
  • Denthanus Ro (Everlasting Terror)
  • Fal Indelstan (Unstoppable Energy)
  • Gul Kaden (Freezing Cloud)
  • Ingis Facorol (Deadly Spray)
  • Madeec Tomosha (Blind the Mind)
  • Sart Aurthon (Small Enough)
  • Zaunduil (Shifting Sanctum)

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