Friday, December 08, 2006

Flight writing prompts

These are from my last year's NaNoWriMo to use as writing prompts:

"I will rip his eyeballs out and impale them on a spit and roast them until they burst. I will rip his nose off and season it with fire pepper and feed it to Tagira. I will rip his lips off and ...," dark haired Ristiki chanted into the warm summer wind rushing into her as the massive orange tiger beneath her bounded over ragged rocks and scrubby scrouse bushes.

Rane whirled his two swords in black and white deadly circles. As he had designed the blades and the technique to do, the swords sliced through the demon horde attacking him. Pieces of lesser demons littered the ground, and black demon blood rained down on the green grass. It hissed and ate away at every living thing it touched.

The snake was as thick around as the man standing before it. If it were stretched to its full length rather than curled about itself, it would be as long as the room. It raised its head up to peer down with brown golden flecked eyes at the man. When the snake could see the fear in the man's eyes it was satisfied and its shimmery gold and brown and black form writhed and contracted. Soon, out of the amorphous mass a woman took shape, unselfconsciously naked. Perfectly formed, her hair was streaks of gold, brown and black, her skin was golden with the slightest hint of brown and black patterning, and her eyes were brown with gold flecks.

Hengorth rolled the stem of the crystal glass of wine between his long elegant fingers while the woman watched, a sensuous smile on her face. The horny nails should have marred his fingers' elegance but on him they seemed right. His black clothing draped perfectly over his tall, lean frame and the color complemented his gold toned skin. His smooth, thick black hair was gathered back and clipped at the nape of his neck with a gold clasp. There was something unnaturally elegant about him. But then, of course, he wasn't a man so perhaps that he looked human at all was more remarkable.

"Vir Drenn," said a feminine voice just behind him as the noise of the crowd died down. "I never thought I would see you here."

With a slow anguished unfolding, she transformed into a violet, teal and magenta bird, with clawed wings and talons half as long as Rane was tall. She was fast and in his dazed state, sliced Rane across the chest to taunt him into transforming.

Gor strode slowly and deliberately across the room to Rane. His hand shot out, his fingers closing around his son's throat, lowering Rane to his knees. "Where are the humans, Rane?" Gor asked in a quiet, reasonable voice.

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