Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Feels like ...

touch.jpgSince poetry came up on the list, here's a poetry prompt. (I should be sending out poetry prompts more than just during Poetry Month!)

This is something simple and yet digs into the strength of poetry: holding things up to unique ways of seeing (and tasting and feeling). Use the template to describe an abstract in terms of the senses.

The Feeling Poem
Line one: Name an abstract
Line two: “Smells like. . .”
Line three: “Tastes like. . .”
Line four: “Sounds like. . .”
Line five: “Feels like. . . .”
Line six: “Feels like. . .”
Line seven: “Feels like. . .”
Line eight: Name the abstract
(The original suggestion at The Magic Writing Tram was to write about an emotion but it will work just as well with any abstract idea.)

If you need some inspiration, there are examples done by kids at the link below.

Feel free to come up with your own abstract but if you wish to spend time on the poem rather than the idea, here's a handful of topics that go along with this time of the year.
If you need more there are lists of virtues and emotions from previous writing prompts.

From The Magic Writing Tram.

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