Thursday, December 07, 2006


basilisk.jpgI was looking for a list of episode titles from Basilisk (a Japanese animated show), which, being relatively new, I could only find Japanese titles for. Google "translated" them for me and came up with the following which make for some mind stretching writing prompts. Use one to begin a scene or try to work in as many as you can.
  • Phase thought offset (the person who is loved the dying obtaining)
  • Fetal movement two place
  • Misfortune cruel
  • enclosure night traveling
  • Ninja six ceremony
  • Descending/disembarking tear love
  • Human skin hell
  • Blood smoke cruelty
  • stopping long rain
  • Stone gravel non announcement
  • Recollection film slide
  • Kocho boisterous dance
  • Scattering flower strait
  • Wave jail gate
  • Bosom pale picture
  • runoff
  • Non discernment dawn
  • shooting heat waves
  • Fantasy bubble shadow
  • Afterlife encounter
  • God ancestor/founder
  • Benevolence flow
  • Super woman
  • Ogre

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