Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Autoantonyms are words that are the opposite of themselves. Try using these pairs of opposites in a sentence. Also try including any other forms of the same word, that is, dust can also be a noun.

• anything
• nothing
• to secure in place
• to dash away suddenly
• restrained (e.g. by rope)
• to spring; leap
• to adhere; stick together
• to cut apart; divide
• to fasten together; hold tightly
• to cut apart; cut off (e.g. with shears)
• usual; normal
• special; unique
• to remove fine particles from (e.g. when cleaning)
• to sprinkle fine particles onto
• fixed firmly in place
• moving quickly; speedy
• just meets minimum standards; satisfactory
• considerably better than average; excellent
• advantage (e.g. in sport)
• disadvantage; disability
• departed from
• remaining
• archetype; example
• copy; replica
• to examine; watch over
• to fail to notice; miss
• to pose a problem
• to solve a problem
• to view; show

to conceal; shield
• to join together
• to cut in two
• to miss (e.g. in baseball)
•to hit; collide with
• to cut pieces off (e.g. fingernails)
• to add to; ornament
• to withstand; stand up to
• to wear away
 wind up
• to start; prepare
• to end; conclude

There is more information about Autoantonyms as well as a longer list at Fun With Words.
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