Saturday, January 14, 2006

Random name generators

There are a lot of random name generators out there! Especially for fantasy names. (BTW, if you click on "Sonic" it takes you to a Sonic character generator.)

The best site I've come across is Seventh Sanctum where there are name generators galore. Plus story generators, character generators, attack generators, tavern name generators. You need something named, Seventh Generation is the place to go.

If you need contemporary names Kleimo's Random Name Generator uses census information so it will generate names from ones used by real people. You can set the "obscurity factor" to generate names on a sliding scale from most common to most obscure.

Here are 30 obscure names:
1. Wes Bretana
2. Delana Liewald
3. Elicia Byrley
4. Kathaleen Argulewicz
5. Billye Aceveda
6. Jenette Homza
7. Palmer Ebilane
8. Sherrell Brynestad
9. Coreen Doussan
10. Eldridge Freidet
11. Wes Kenson
12. Coretta Gheza
13. Vannessa Belwood
14. Zulema Mouzas
15. Michiko Butel
16. Ramonita Florestal
17. Winford Fredrikson
18. Kathern Panias
19. Jarod Malgieri
20. Vinnie Criton
21. Lindsay Gavula
22. Malisa Bielefield
23. Hyman Gunagan
24. Walton Odomes
25. Tuan Linderleaf
26. Cristopher Flota
27. Stanton Forcade
28. Vincenzo Nham
29. Delta Civcci
30. Tuan Guterriez
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