Saturday, November 24, 2007

Worldbreaker game

well.jpgWorldbreaker is a collaborative game for creating worlds. There is one rule: Players take turns making simple statements about what the setting IS or ISN'T, or DOES or DOESN'T have. And that's it. He suggests 2 - 6 or 7 players. (There are also several stipulations at his website to help the players play nice together. )

Probably the best way to explain it is an example. This is from the "Four-Fold War" world:
  • stee: 01) The world IS NOT spherical.
  • mari: 02) The world HAS magic.
  • curi: 03) The world HAS fluctuating gravity.
  • stee: 04) The world HAS a wide and diverse biosphere.
  • mari: 05) The societies of the world HAVE moved beyond conventional firearms.
  • curi: 06) There ARE several random wells of raw magic.
  • stee: 07) One society DOES "mine" these wells.
  • mari: 08) The forms that magic takes ARE widely varied.
  • curi: 09) The planet's plants and animals ARE capable of using the magic.
  • stee: 10) There ARE at least three sentient species of animal.
and it goes on to expand on specific details that develop:
  • mari: 89) There IS a group of humanoids who have combined magic with martial arts.
  • curi: 90) The Avians DO HAVE a group of warriors who hide feather-shaped razors on their bodies.
  • stee: 91) One group of humanlike creatures IS trying to provoke a war.
  • mari: 92) The wandering god HAS gotten bored.
  • curi: 93) The Plantlikes ARE using their shifting abilities to spy on the Avians and Humanlikes.
  • stee: 94) The plantlikes ARE willing to unleash a virus upon the Avians to ensure their survival.
  • mari: 95) The AI HAS a body.
  • curi: 96) The Ursines HAVE made a pact with their pantheon representative to fight only in self-defense.
  • stee: 97) The AI's body IS a suit of humanlike power armour named Cortana.
  • mari: 98) The gods WILL destroy everything if total war erupts.
  • curi: 99) The Aquatic race IS preparing to perish if they can't stop the war.
  • all: 100) The setting IS called 'The Four-Fold War'.
You can see the full "Four-Fold War" world and more examples are at his website where, besides the worlds themselves, you might find an idea or two that might spark your own world.
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