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Worldbreaker game

well.jpgWorldbreaker is a collaborative game for creating worlds. There is one rule: Players take turns making simple statements about what the setting IS or ISN'T, or DOES or DOESN'T have. And that's it. He suggests 2 - 6 or 7 players. (There are also several stipulations at his website to help the players play nice together. )

Probably the best way to explain it is an example. This is from the "Four-Fold War" world:
  • stee: 01) The world IS NOT spherical.
  • mari: 02) The world HAS magic.
  • curi: 03) The world HAS fluctuating gravity.
  • stee: 04) The world HAS a wide and diverse biosphere.
  • mari: 05) The societies of the world HAVE moved beyond conventional firearms.
  • curi: 06) There ARE several random wells of raw magic.
  • stee: 07) One society DOES "mine" these wells.
  • mari: 08) The forms that magic takes ARE widely varied.
  • curi: 09) The planet's plants and animals ARE capable of using the magic.
  • stee: 10) There ARE at least three sentient species of animal.
and it goes on to expand on specific details that develop:
  • mari: 89) There IS a group of humanoids who have combined magic with martial arts.
  • curi: 90) The Avians DO HAVE a group of warriors who hide feather-shaped razors on their bodies.
  • stee: 91) One group of humanlike creatures IS trying to provoke a war.
  • mari: 92) The wandering god HAS gotten bored.
  • curi: 93) The Plantlikes ARE using their shifting abilities to spy on the Avians and Humanlikes.
  • stee: 94) The plantlikes ARE willing to unleash a virus upon the Avians to ensure their survival.
  • mari: 95) The AI HAS a body.
  • curi: 96) The Ursines HAVE made a pact with their pantheon representative to fight only in self-defense.
  • stee: 97) The AI's body IS a suit of humanlike power armour named Cortana.
  • mari: 98) The gods WILL destroy everything if total war erupts.
  • curi: 99) The Aquatic race IS preparing to perish if they can't stop the war.
  • all: 100) The setting IS called 'The Four-Fold War'.
You can see the full "Four-Fold War" world and more examples are at his website where, besides the worlds themselves, you might find an idea or two that might spark your own world.


Joyce Fetteroll said...

I've collected the Worldbreaker game creations here in case the Worldbreaker website disappears. I didn't write these. There are links back to the originals

Joyce Fetteroll said...

Worldbreaker (link to original posting)

The setting...

Kortney: ISN'T medieval
Phil: HAS floating continents
Pherring: ISN'T covered in water
Kortney: HAS magic
Phil: DOESN'T HAVE dragons
Pherring: HAS trolls
Kortney: HAS a totalitarian government
Phil: HAS platonic solids with stars painted on for a cosmology
Pherring: HAS violent storms ravaging the surface of the floating continents
Kortney: HAS space travel, in its infancy
Phil: HAS alien species living on the solids around the continents
Kortney: HAS diplomatic relations between inhabitants of the various continents
Phil: HAS aliens which are actually from various hell dimensions
Kortney: HAS fairly common wars
Phil: DOESN'T HAVE common wars with aliens
Kortney: DOESN'T HAVE energy weapons
Phil: HAS continents which are towable into space with the spaceships
Kortney: HAS continents with life support for space travel
Phil: HAS life support which involves being absorbed into a certain type of tree
Kortney: HAS Phil's type of tree, but it's not common
Phil: HAS the fact that towing a continent into space is an irrevocable act of aggression by the government
Kortney: HAS rebels against the government
Marius: HAS rebels, but they're not particularly well organized
Phil: HAS Platonic solids with their own air envelopes
Kortney: HAS rebel outposts on the Platonic solids
Marius: HAS rebels which are hunted and afraid to gather together
Phil: HAS aliens which supply the rebels with towships for the continents
Kortney: HAS aliens which take payment in souls
Marius: HAS aliens which were released by satanic rituals gone wrong
Phil: WILL collapse if the rebels tow the wrong continent
Kortney: HAS very few people who can determine which continents trigger universal collapse
Marius: DOESN'T HAVE much known beyond the solar system
Phil: HAS had ships sent by the totalitarian government to some of the hell dimensions
Kortney: HAS hell-dimension aliens secretly controlling the totalitarian government
Marius: HAS never heard back from the ships the government sent to the hell dimensions
Phil: HAS hell dimensions which are actually other Keplerian solar systems in outer space
Kortney: HAS an astronomer that has theorized the truth about the truth about the other dimensions
Marius: HAS aliens which can temporarily shapeshift
Phil: HAS spaceships which run on psychosis
Kortney: HAS the government producing psychosis by torturing civilians
Marius: HAS the government hunting the trolls
Phil: HAS the trolls as the people that can determine which continents trigger universal collapse
Kortney: HAS the rebels often attempting to kidnap the trolls for the Sight
Marius: HAS mage divisions of the army, where no weapons are carried.
Phil: HAS the demons attempting to steal the towed continents to bring them to their solar system
Kortney: HAS the trolls and the demons as mortal enemies
Marius: HAS most of the magic users as specialists, focusing on one branch
Phil: HAS humans as demons whose evil is suppressed by the magic of the continents
Kortney: HAS the rebels on the Keplerian solids slowly reverting to demons
Marius: HAS many widespread branches of magic, from healing to protective to destructive
Phil: HAS psychotic, Sight-gifted troll-powered ships can travel instantaneously to other solar systems.
Kortney: HAS the demons occasionally attempting to hijack said psychotic Sight-gifted troll-powered ships
Marius: DOESN'T HAVE trolls that can use magic
Phil: DOESN'T HAVE demons that can use magic
Kortney: HAS the mages travel with escorts to protect them from the demons
Marius: HAS cyborgs in the military
Phil: HAS the cyborgs as part-mage, part-machine, and part-troll
Kortney: DOESN'T have cyborgs with the Sight
Marius: HAS the cyborgs as two individuals fused together by machinery
Phil: HAS the machine parts of a cyborg subtly infiltrated by technodemons upon creation
Kortney: HAS the technodemons being somewhat limited when on a continent
Marius: HAS the cyborgs being brainwashed and reprogrammed, both mechanically and biologically
Phil: HAS the cyborgs as the only way a human can stay uncorrupted off a continent
Kortney: DOESN'T HAVE the rebels having technology to develop their own cyborgs
Marius: HAS the trolls and the cyborgs as the only ones who don't run the risk of reverting to demons off the continents
Phil: HAS demons as the spirits of trolls that have died over the aeons wishing for the end
Kortney: HAS the government slowly becoming aware that troll spirits become demons
Marius: HAS the demons in the government attempting to stop the government from discovering this secret, but doing so less than perfectly
Phil: HAS the massive demon ship Worldbreaker arriving from Elsewhere.
Kortney: HAS activists campaigning against troll use to power space ships
Marius: HAS the activists being put down by those under demonic government officials
Phil: DOESN'T HAVE the activists affiliated with the rebels
Kortney: DOESN'T HAVE the activists knowing of the coming of Worldbreaker
Marius: HAS one tenth of one percent of trolls born with limited prescience
Phil: HAS the Worldbreaker being large enough to tow every continent out of the solar system AT ONCE
Kortney: HAS the prescient trolls being aware of the impending arrival and size of the Worldbreaker
Marius: HAS the Worldbreaker having a vital flaw in power generation that the demons don't understand
Phil: HAS the Worldbreaker's problem being that all demons are psychotic, and putting a sane being in the driver's seat would destroy the Worldbreaker
Kortney: HAS one lone, exceptionally talented prescient troll that knows this weakness


Marius: HAS the trolls planning a coup for when the Worldbreaker comes to remove resistance
Phil: HAS the demons having figured out a way to turn off the magic that keeps humans from corrupting
Kortney: HAS the rebels having just discovered how to make limited cyborgs


Marius: HAS the demons being killable, but it sends them back to their hell dimension origins
Phil: HAS the Worldbreaker being able to tow not just the continents but the Solar System as a whole
Kortney: HAS the activists preparing to launch a major troll-freeing campaign


Marius: HAS a group of mages on a secluded magical continent who are much more powerful than most
Phil: HAS rebels being prepared, as a last ditch ploy, to try towing the capital continent of the government
Kortney: HAS the capital continent of the government as one of the continents that will destroy the government if it is towed


Joyce Fetteroll said...

DUSK OF EARTH (link to original posting)


M: The setting will NOT have traditional firearms.
K: The setting WILL have a longstanding feud.
P: The setting IS in a large city.
S: The setting DOES have FTL travel.
M: Everything outside the city/cities IS barren wasteland.
K: This setting HAS a class hierarchy.
P: This setting does NOT have humans.
S: The setting DOES have swordsmiths.
M: The two sides of the feud ARE two different races.
K: One race IS a race of anthropomorphic foxes.
P: The other race WAS once chattel to the foxes.
S: The foxes DO NOT live in the cities.
M: There IS a third sentient race on the planet.
K: The foxes HAVE small portable biodomes.
P: The third sentient race IS ant-like.
S: The once-slave sentient race IS reptilian.
M: The ant race IS 'relatively' recently evolved.
K: The ant race IS what caused the freedom of the lizard race.
P: The ants ARE the only species capable of controlling the FTL travel.
S: The lizard race DOES resent being liberated.
M: The ant race DOES live in subterranean colonies.
K: The lizards DO live in the cities.
P: FTL travel DOES rely on telepathic linkage between the source and destination.
S: The ant people DO need a byproduct of the fox people's society to enable their FTL.
M: The planet IS only 10% covered in water.
K: The lizards WERE liberated in an ant-instigated rebellion.
P: The planet IS Earth, 10 million years into the future.
S: The ant-race is NOT indigenous to Earth.
M: The Earth DOES have 5 moons.
K: The ant people DID come to Earth from one of the moons.
P: Three of the moons ARE space arks.
S: The ant race DOES wish it was back on its home-moon.
M: The last moon IS a chunk from the Earth.
K: The last moon WAS broken off of Earth upon the ants' initial arrival.
P: One of the moons WAS humanity's attempt to leave the Earth.
S: The Fox people DO have the ability to destroy a moon.
M: There ARE NOT settlements of any sort near the coast.
K: During the Lizard revolution, the lizards DID remove the foxes from the cities.
P: The lizardfolk DO have an average lifespan of fourteen years.
S: The ant people DO have an average lifespan of 140 years.
M: A remnant of humanity DID escape on a moonlike craft.
K: Humanity DID die due to sabotage by the ants.
P: The third ark-moon IS the home of an AI hive mind.
S: The ants do NOT have any form of telepathy.

Foxes: Foxen
Ants: Kitari
Lizards: Cupana

M: The Foxen ARE masters of the sword.
K: The Cupana ARE accomplished telepaths.
P: The Cupana CANNOT use their telepathy on anyone other than other Cupana.
S: The Cupana DO NOT have telekinetic abilities.
M: The AI hive mind DOES have energy weapons.
K: The Kitari ARE trying to enslave the Cupana.
P: Underneath the city IS a hidden warren of Kitari.
S: The Cupana ARE a more intellectual race than the Kitari or Foxen.
M: The AI hive mind IS manufacturing small extensions of itself.
K: The Foxen and the Kitari DO have a treaty between them.
P: The product required by the Kitari for FTL travel IS blood from Foxen ritual sacrifices of Cupana.
S: The Kitari DO believe in violating treaties for advantageous positioning.
M: The AI hive mind WAS left behind by the humans.
K: Some Kitari HAVE fallen under the control of the AI hive mind.
P: Other Kitari ARE trying to establish relations directly with the Cupana to cut out the Foxen middlemen in their need for blood.
S: Some Cupana HAVE developed the means to coerce the hive mind.
M: The hive mind IS using the Cupana to increase its capabilities.
K: In the city, the rich DO live in the upper levels.
P: There IS FTL travel between the Kitari warrens under the city and the broken-Earth moon.
S: There IS only one Cupana city.
M: The AI hive mind IS about to send a semi-independent extension of itself to Mars.
K: The Cupana ARE NOT aware of the hive mind's plan.
P: The hive mind's plan IS to restore the human race.
S: The Foxen ARE laying siege to the Cupana city.
M: Cupana DO disappear inexplicably from the lower regions of the city.
K: The lower regions of the city DO have many hidden entrances into the Kitari lairs underneath.
P: The Kitari DO allow the Foxen to use parts of their warrens underneath the city.
S: The Kitari ARE substantially less technologically developed than the Foxen or Cupana.
M: The city IS much different than when the Foxen were ousted from it.
K: The Cupana rich ARE ignoring what goes on in the lower city.
P: The Cupana in the city ARE divided into three distinct castes.
S: The average building in the city IS over 100 Cupana stories tall.
M: There IS NOT a monetary system in the city.
K: Primary transportation throughout the city IS by way of elevators.
P: The primary mode of transaction for the Cupana IS sex.
S: Most Cupana do not ever leave the building in which they are born.
M: Most of the buildings ARE interconnected.
K: The Kitani DO have access to the lower elevators.
P: The reason that the Cupana economy is based on sex IS that they have a high infant mortality rate.
S: The Foxen use Cupana-parts left over from their rituals as money.
M: The entire city IS shielded from the sun by an overhead filter.
K: The Kitari underneath the city ARE NOT under the control of the hive mind.
P: Those Cupana who are neither rich nor poor ARE typically scholar/courtesans, of either gender.
S: The Kitari DO NOT have the concept of individual property.
M: The ozone layer IS gone.
K: The middle-class Cupana ARE generally concerned about what's going on in the lower levels of the city.
P: A Seed in the centre of the city DOES have the ability of making any city-sized area habitable by Cupana or Foxen.
S: The seat of power in the Cupana city IS the relocated head of the Statue of Liberty.
M: The AI hive mind IS slowly charging its energy weapons.
K: The Foxen ARE planning to try and steal the Seed.
P: The Statue of Liberty WAS relocated to the Moon at some point in the distant past.
S: The AI hive-mind's energy weapon IS UV based.
M: The AI hive mind IS determined to exterminate those living on its mother planet.
K: The hive mind-controlled Kitari ARE planning to destroy the UV shield.
P: A group of the high-class Cupana ARE planning on stealing the Seed for themselves and taking it to Mars.
S: The Cupana who can coerce the AI hivemind ARE NOT aware of either of its plans.
M: The AI hive mind HAS a weapon that will burn the entire planet.
K: The middle- and lower-class Cupana ARE just becoming aware of the high-class plot to steal the Seed.
P: The city IS itself a half-buried ark ship of the Cupana.
S: The Cupana queen/highest-female-office is pregnant by way of the leader of the Foxen.

Joyce Fetteroll said...

THE BOSUN TRIBE (link to original posting)


N: The setting ISN'T modern.
P: The setting IS underground.
T: The world IS flat.
C: The surface IS inhabitable.
N: The underground HAS anarchists.
P: The people underground ARE NOT aware that the surface is inhabitable.
T: The underground DOES have artificial light sources.
C: The people underground DO have a mythology about the surface.
N: The people underground ARE split into different tribes.
P: The tribes ARE NOT in overt conflict.
T: The tribes DO NOT trade, either.
C: The quality of life underground IS vastly different depending on which tribe one is in.
N: Some tribes DO have class systems.
P: Individuals in the various tribes DO participate in barter.
T: The tribes ARE seperated by great distances.
C: Individuals in the tribes ARE allowed to change tribes at several predetermined points in their lives, if they so choose.
N: The tribes DO have some knowledge of the lifestyles of other tribe.
P: There IS an elaborate "web" of tribal connections that one must follow when changing affiliation.
T: There ARE equine creatures to ferry the people from one tribe's territory to another's.
C: The existence of the equine creatures IS central to the religion of several tribes.
N: There ARE strict laws that protect the existence of equine creatures.
P: Many of the anarchists DO NOT obey the protective laws.
T: There ARE only three species of birds underground.
C: The anarchists ARE spread out among the tribes.
N: There IS a huge equine poaching ring among the anarchists.
P: Most of the anarchists ARE NOT involved in serious crime.
T: The anarchists DO have laser guns to kill the equine things with.
C: The laser guns ARE modified from equipment meant for other purposes.
N: Laser guns DO kill equines effortlessly without mess.
P: The equines ARE sentient.
T: The equines DO NOT eat the same things the anarchists eat.
C: The food underground IS very bland.
N: Equines DO interact with the tribes that have them as central religious figures.
P: The equines ARE NOT organised at any high level.
T: The anarchists DO have a difficult time growing enough food.
C: The equines DO visit the surface.
N: The anarchists ARE shunned in their individual tribes.
P: Each tribe IS named after an occupation on a spaceship.
T: The Captain tribe IS the most influential tribe.
C: The tribes ARE NOT aware that they are named after spaceship occupations.
N: Spices ARE NOT widely available underground.
P: Most people ARE NOT aware that the equines are intelligent.
T: The equines DO NOT want the people to know they are intelligent.
C: The underground IS NOT naturally created.
N: The equines ARE aware of their dwindling numbers due to poaching.
P: The equines WERE provolved by the tribes' ancestors.
T: The equines DID influence the tribal naming conventions.
C: The equines DO have plans for when their population reaches a predetermined unacceptably small number.
N: The anarchists DO NOT want to overthrow their individual government systems.
P: The birds ARE prized as a very rare delicacy by the tribes.
T: The equines DO NOT approve of bird-slaughter.
C: The birds ARE NOT sentient.
N: The birds ARE NOT attacked by anarchists.
P: It IS illegal for people of the same tribe to have a sexual relationship.
T: This law IS NOT strictly enforced.
C: Water IS plentiful underground.
N: IT IS considered an honor amongst all tribes to have an intimate encounter with a bird.
P: People ARE being born with more and more genetic problems due to the lack of enforcement of the coupling law.
T: The equines ARE pleased by this.
C: The genetic problems ARE NOT always un-beneficial.
N: The medicine practiced within the tribes IS outdated.
P: The occurence of "positive" mutations within the tribes IS much higher than the evolutionary norm.
T: The tribes DO actively burn any books written.
C: The underground IS largely unmapped.
N: The tribes DO have a religious holiday that involves racing equines.
P: The world IS a massive cylindrical spaceship.
T: The 'surface' DOES house the reactor, which makes it so inhospitable.
C: The equines ARE aware of the function of the reactor.
N: The birds ARE able to live on the surface.
P: There ARE two surfaces, one at either end of the cylinder.
T: The space ship DOES operate itself.
C: The space ship DOES have manual controls, however.
N: The spaceship HAS a connection to "positive" mutations within the tribes.
P: The spaceship IS sentient.
T: The spaceship IS looking for a certain planet.
C: The inhabitants ARE NOT aware of this.
N: The birds ARE the spaceship's flunkies.
P: The equines ARE working in the shadows to keep the tribes in the dark about the reality of their location.
T: The equines DO know where the manual controls are.
C: The spaceship IS lost.
N: The spaceship DOES use its technology to regulate the underground via the positive mutations.
P: The Bosuns ARE close to finding a way to the surface.
T: The reactor DOES use a zero-point energy source.
C: The ship IS NOT looking for Earth.

Joyce Fetteroll said...

After the Fire


Phil, Marius, SteelAngelJohn, curiosity, chrisk0, sugarfalls

01] Phil: The setting IS Earth.
02] Mari: There ARE supernatural forces.
03] Stee: There ARE sentient dinosaur-like creatures that live side-by-side with humans.
04] curi: Humans and dinosaurs DO breed with each other.
05] chri: There IS a collection of human royal families who rule most of the earth.
06] suga: There IS interaction between god-like creatures and humans.
07] Phil: The technological level of this Earth IS roughly equivalent to the 1950s.
08] Mari: It IS the year 2200.
09] Stee: There ARE laws that govern how technology is used, passed down by the god-like creatures.
10] curi: A tiny percent of other animal species DO share the sentience of dinosaurs and humans.
11] chri: There IS a rag-tag rebel group of dinosaurs and human-dinosaur crossbreeds.
12] suga: The god-like creature ARE shape-shifters.
13] Phil: Sentience for non-humans DID appear suddenly the night that Rome burned, 18 July 64.
14] Mari: There ARE some people with telekinetic abilities.
15] Stee: The god-like creatures ARE NOT capable of taking human form.
16] curi: Shortly after the event (gaining sentience) there WAS a meeting of all creatures that produced a series of laws.
17] chri: The supernatural forces ARE used by learning how to call and balance the seven elemental energies.
18] suga: The lesser sentient animals ARE more powerful than they let on.
19] Phil: The dinosaur-like creatures DID suddenly appear across the globe on the same night as the Event.
20] Mari: Those who've mastered the calling of all seven elements ARE very very rare.
21] Stee: The elemental energies ARE used in pseudo-supernatural technology.
22] curi: There ARE NOT any human-only or dinosaur-only cities.
23] chri: The royals DO work to restrict access to elemental lore.
24] suga: The god-like creatures DO NOT need to learn elemental lore as they understand most of it intuitively.
25] Phil: There ARE seven royal families across the globe, each representing a single element.
26] Mari: Those few who've mastered all seven elements ARE often confused as being one of the god-like creatures.
27] Stee: There ARE NOT any religions.
28] curi: The majority of all knowledge IS passed down orally.
29] chri: The super-pseudo-technology HAS mostly been invented by the rebel half-dinosaurs.
30] suga: There ARE ancient tomes being hidden by each of the major seven families.
31] Phil: Religions WERE crushed into nonexistence by the seven families during the Black Death in the 14th century.
32] Mari: There ARE large areas of desolate wastelands (or "dead zones") where nothing can survive.
33] Stee: These dead zones ARE made by the use of pseudo-technological weapons.
34] curi: The dead zones ARE being slowly "healed" by the other sentient creatures.
35] chri: Japan and the north coast of China IS one large inhabitable area that is not under the seven families' rule.
36] suga: The continent of Antarctica IS a place of great elemental power.
37] Phil: The seven families WERE once evenly divided, one per continent.
38] Mari: There ARE areas in Antarctica of such power that they destroy anyone without the strength to endure or control them.
39] Stee: Swords ARE the weapon of choice amongst humans and dinosaurs alike.
40] curi: Only humans CANNOT have both elemental and telekinetic abilities.
41] chri: There ARE secret ruling councils for each type of sentient animal.
42] suga: Each type of sentient being IS creating an expedition in secret to try to get to Antarctica for research.
43] Phil: Antarctica WAS hit by an enormous asteroid in the 16th century that melted most of the ice.
44] Mari: Status IS gained and lost through duels.
45] Stee: Monsters DO exist.
46] curi: It IS possible to travel extremely quickly with a combination of telekinetic and elemental abilities.
47] chri: Elemental powers DO NOT function around or within the Arctic circle.
48] suga: Africa IS one of the most technologically advanced continents.
49] Phil: There IS a massive high wall on the edge of the Antarctic continent that makes arrival by sea impossible.
50] Mari: The first monsters WERE a result of failed experiments.
51] Stee: One of the seven families IS trying to breed the perfect being.
52] curi: Using telekinetic or elemental abilities during a duel IS forbidden.
53] chri: Many Dinosaurs ARE famous as "reality radio" stars.
54] suga: The god-like creatures ARE interfering with human/dinosaur affairs.
55] Phil: The dinosaurs ARE attempting to build up a structure that mirrors the seven families of the humans.
56] Mari: There ARE NOT restrictions on using elemental or telekinetic abilities in preparation for a duel.
57] Stee: The seven families ARE strictly matriarchal.
58] curi: The crossbreed rebels DO believe that only the god-like creatures should have access to Antartica's power.
59] chri: The god-like creatures ARE infiltrating the dinosaur seven-fold structure.
60] suga: The monsters ARE NOT very intelligent.
61] Phil: The dinosaurs ARE the only race that can successfully crossbreed with humans.
62] Mari: There IS a super-intelligent, super-advanced, alien race that is observing the goings-on on Earth.
63] Stee: The super-intelligent, super-advanced alien race ARE the creators of the god-creatures.
64] curi: The monsters and the god-like creatures ARE related.
65] chri: The god-like creatures ARE obsessed with finding their creators.
66] suga: Monsters HAVE regenerative properties.
67] Phil: Another, larger, asteroid IS on its way to impact the Earth within the next five years.
68] Mari: One of the masters of all seven elements IS training followers to overthrow the governing families.
69] Stee: The aliens ARE guiding the asteroid into Earth.
70] curi: The other sentient creatures (non-human and non-dinosaur) ARE aware of the aliens.
71] chri: Six of the seven families ARE working together on a way to use their elemental forces to divert the asteroid.
72] suga: The god-like beings ARE omniscient about everything not relating to themselves.

Joyce Fetteroll said...

The Four-Fold War

stee: 01) The world IS NOT spherical.
mari: 02) The world HAS magic.
curi: 03) The world HAS fluctuating gravity.
stee: 04) The world HAS a wide and diverse biosphere.
mari: 05) The societies of the world HAVE moved beyond conventional firearms.
curi: 06) There ARE several random wells of raw magic.
stee: 07) One society DOES "mine" these wells.
mari: 08) The forms that magic takes ARE widely varied.
curi: 09) The planet's plants and animals ARE capable of using the magic.
stee: 10) There ARE at least three sentient species of animal.
mari: 11) Magic was NOT always recognized as being present.
curi: 12) One of the sentient species IS unknown to the other two.
stee: 13) One of the sentient species IS an avian species.
mari: 14) Magic HAS largely replaced science in recent generations.
curi: 15) Science IS considered substandard and old-fashioned.
stee: 16) Magic CAN create life.
mari: 17) There IS a secret group bringing science and magic together.
curi: 18) There IS a sentient species of plant-life.
stee: 19) The avian species IS at war with the plant species.
mari: 20) The plant species CAN shift their form.
curi: 21) The plant species CAN process raw magic like water or food.
stee: 22) Another sentient species is very close to human.
mari: 23) The group bringing magic and science together HAS created an AI.
curi: 24) The human-like race ARE friends of the avians.
stee: 25) The human-like race ARE highly competent with psionic magics.
mari: 26) One of the sentient animal races IS ursine.
curi: 27) Ursines and Avians DON'T get along.
stee: 28) The unknown sentient species IS aquatic.
mari: 29) The Ursines use druidic magic.
curi: 30) The aquatic species DO use magic to stay aware of what happens all over the world.
stee: 31) The aquatic species ARE the ones mining the random wells.
mari: 32) The Ursines ARE responsible for the creation of the sentient plants.
curi: 33) The known species DO blame each other for the depletion of the wells.
stee: 34) There IS a military history between the three species.
mari: 35) The humanoid race HAS the most advanced science.
curi: 36) The AI DOES know something else is responsible for the magic being mined.
stee: 37) There ARE laws to stop magic being used to create more life.
mari: 38) The secret group does NOT consider the AI to be life.
curi: 39) The AI IS looking for a way to be free of the secret group.
stee: 40) The AI IS secretly in communication with the human-like species.
mari: 41) The human-like species still HAS some conventional weapons hidden away.
curi: 42) The aquatic species DOES think the AI is alive.
stee: 43) The Ursine species IS allied with the plant species.
mari: 44) The AI HAS replicated itself, at least once.
curi: 45) The Avians' magic CAN control wind and weather.
stee: 46) The humanlike beings DO ride draconic creatures into battle.
mari: 47) The avians HAVE an innate fear of the draconics.
curi: 48) The Avians DO think they should be allowed to create a race like the Ursines have.
stee: 49) The Avians and the Humanlike creatures ARE planning to do just that.
mari: 50) A pantheon DOES exist.
curi: 51) The AI HAS petitioned the pantheon for help in being free of the secret group.
stee: 52) The pantheon CAN manifest at will.
mari: 53) The pantheon DOES have a representation for each sentient race.
curi: 54) The pantheons DO NOT advocate war.
stee: 55) The pantheon IS willing to directly intervene if the Humanlikes threaten to use their technology.
mari: 56) Members of the pantheon HAVE taken on mortal bodies in the past.
curi: 57) The Aquatic race are very tied to their pantheon representative.
stee: 58) The Avian race tolerate their gods rather than worshipping them.
mari: 59) The mortal forms of the gods ARE the subjects of legends.
curi: 60) The legends of the known species ARE commonly known and used as teaching tools.
stee: 61) The aquatic species know that the legends are told about gods rather than regular beings.
mari: 62) Sometimes the gods forget who they are when they take on a mortal form.
curi: 63) The Pantheon DO need the magic wells to manifest.
stee: 64) The aquatic species DO NOT know this.
mari: 65) An ancient technological relic HAS been uncovered by the human-like race.
curi: 66) The Ursinelikes DO think the relic is a weapon that could destroy the magic wells.
stee: 67) The relic WAS designed by the aquatic species.
mari: 68) In the long forgotten past, nearly all life WAS destroyed in a great war.
curi: 69) All the sentient races, except the plants, have evolved from the race (a common ancestor) that almost destroyed the world with war.
stee: 70) The aquatic race IS the survivor of the great war.
mari: 71) One of the gods HAS wandered on the mortal plane since the time of the great war.
curi: 72) The wandering god HAS NO race to represent anymore.
stee: 73) The wandering god IS policing the "no more artificial life" rule.
mari: 74) The avians CAN 'see' the variations in gravity.
curi: 75) The wandering god DOES secretly keep the AI company sometimes.
stee: 76) The humanlike race IS prepared to use massive weaponry against the Ursine.
mari: 77) There ARE areas with such great gravity that only the ursines and plant like beings are capable of moving there.
curi: 78) The magic wells ARE different depending on the gravity around them.
stee: 79) The gravity and magic wells are dictated by the movement and alignment of stars.
mari: 80) The gods, on occasion, DO play with the alignment and placement of the stars.
curi: 81) The race that the Avians want to create IS a subservient machine/animal hybrid.
stee: 82) The human-like race ARE willing to donate their technology to this cause.
mari: 83) A small group of human-like scientists ARE developing power armor.
curi: 84) The Ursines ARE secretly trying to develope a magic that will errode artifical substances.
stee: 85) They DO intend on using that magic to win the forthcoming war.
mari: 86) The AI IS aware of the power armor research.
curi: 87) The Plant creatures ARE desperately afraid they could not survive a war.
stee: 88) The humanlike creatures DO want to keep the plant creatures alive.
mari: 89) There IS a group of humanoids who have combined magic with martial arts.
curi: 90) The Avians DO HAVE a group of warriors who hide feather-shaped razors on their bodies.
stee: 91) One group of humanlike creatures IS trying to provoke a war.
mari: 92) The wandering god HAS gotten bored.
curi: 93) The Plantlikes ARE using their shifting abilities to spy on the Avians and Humanlikes.
stee: 94) The plantlikes ARE willing to unleash a virus upon the Avians to ensure their survival.
mari: 95) The AI HAS a body.
curi: 96) The Ursines HAVE made a pact with their pantheon representative to fight only in self-defense.
stee: 97) The AI's body IS a suit of humanlike power armour named Cortana.
mari: 98) The gods WILL destroy everything if total war erupts.
curi: 99) The Aquatic race IS preparing to perish if they can't stop the war.
all: 100) The setting IS called 'The Four-Fold War'.