Thursday, June 16, 2011

All parents must die!

"This cannot end well for them." Photo ©Rich Thomas
Whoa, bit over the top there with the title!

It's a common complaint about Disney movies that they're fond of killing off parents. The problem is that parents have an annoying habit of stopping their kids from risking life and limb so it's hard for kids to save the world when the parents want to lock them up safe and sound. ;-) So the parents tend to be red shirts.

A commenter on The Not So Grand List of Overused Fantasy Cliches mentioned making parents inept is another cliche way of preventing parents from interfering.

It's cool when parents treat their kids' ideas as worthy with enough sense not to want to kill themselves even while taking risks ;-) The Addams Family parents were awesome at supporting their kids. :-) I can also remember Encyclopedia Brown's mother treating his desire to solve mysteries with respect, though he wasn't exactly risking his life. ;-) But I'm pretty sure Danny Dunn had some grand dangerous adventures and his mother was cool about it.

Kids want to read about kids taking charge and tackling their problems.

So what ways can you think of for parents to not interfere? Come up with a list. :-) Come up with your own ideas and collect the ideas of how other authors have tackled the problems.

I'd love to see your collections :-) If you'd like, you can post them in the comments.
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