Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crime of passion

Crime of passion. Usually that conjures up love triangles, jealousy, betrayal, dark secrets, murder.

But what if the passion is for acquiring the perfect cup of coffee? Or to see your team finally make it to the championships? Or collecting Hello Kitty merchandise? Or creating the world's best topiary? Or getting their Pekinese Best in Show?

A crime of passion suggests a sudden turn pushes someone past the breaking point into rage or heartbreak. So what crime is your character capable of committing in pursuit of his or her passion?


Winnie said...

Oo, I REALLY like this one. It's almost another way of asking "what is your character's goal?" Because I struggle with that sometimes, but with this, I can think of it this way: What IS that one thing my character would commit a crime for? And just how far WOULD they go with it?


L.J. Lowe said...

omg... that picture is hilarious!

Joyce Fetteroll said...

*** It's almost another way of asking "what is your character's goal?" ***

Yes, you're right! I like that idea :-)

Joyce Fetteroll said...

Thank you! I admit the idea isn't mine. I stumbled across a Photoshopped picture of Cookie robbing a bank vault. Not sure how those tie together but it gave me the idea of Cookie protecting a cookie :-)

Anonymous said...