Thursday, January 20, 2011


Click for ginormous version.
(If that disappears, click here, then click the magnifying glass above the image.)
At the CG Society is a walkthrough of how the artist created this.
So, what are these people headed off to? What's the foremost figure pulling? Who are the people observing? What are the little floating things? There are guns on the tail of the ship and each man is carrying a gun, but the city itself seems peaceful.

There's a woman strolling with a parasol beneath the ship. You could make the point of view hers which may be more casual than it should be in the situation.

This is from a contest run the the CG Society. The theme was Steampunk Myths and Legends. So, there's already a story behind it, but don't feel constrained by it.

As I was wandering about, I stumbled across a blog on Updated fairy tales. There is a tag specifically for posts on Steampunk updates of fairy tales.
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