Thursday, January 12, 2006

Your Name Here

In keeping with this week's inadvertent name theme go to Your Name Here. Type in your name and answer the questions. Click "What Is My Name?"

Set the timer for 10-15 minutes and write about one of the "famous" people who had your name, or expand on the history.

Here's the "history" that pops up for my name:

Literal meaning
"Child of James, or possibly David. Or Phil, maybe."

Coming to an apprentice shoemaker in a dream exactly three hundred years ago next week, the name Joyce was originally used imprecisely to refer to nuns and the violators of nuns, before being pulled from a fire that killed its variants and diminutives.

Famous Joyces
  1. Joyce de la Tightbadger, RN, director of the new Bond movie, LIARS RARELY TANGO; ghost-writer of Oscar Wilde's neighbour, Tom's expressionist autobiography, READ MY STORY IN THIS BOOK; first holder of the tiresomely abstract office of Official Kerb-Trip-Overer;

  2. Joyce Frote, indifferent to the world's most attractive bucket;

  3. Joyce Grating, who discovered the constellation of Pleiades; first holder of the hotly contested office of Hot Diggity;

  4. Joyce R Nightdodge ("The Uncanny"), champion of the right to use more types of bacterial infection than any twenty-one people can name;

  5. Joyce V E P Happenstance, BSc, once saved by Mr Bronson from Grange Hill;
    Inspector Joyce K de Frewsy, BSc, MA ("The Blue"), fascinated to death by the deckchair-cum-hat;

  6. Joyce Thews, PhD, who owes everything to Spandau Ballet;

  7. Joyce O'Endeavour, champion of the indestructible tortoise;

  8. Joyce M Sprewt, DSO and Bar, DSO and Bar, BSc, PhD, who's never forgotten the concept of acceptable losses; first holder of the office of Ruler of the World in Exile;

  9. Joyce N A Itching, aroused by the world's most popular cosh; ghost-writer of The St Winifred's School Choir's leatherwear catalogue and autobiography, I WAS MONTY'S THUG; first holder of the office of Police-constable.

Typical Joyce motto
"A watched pot is never quite worth it."
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