Saturday, January 07, 2006

Turn off the inner editor

Probably the greatest roadblock to writing is the voice in our heads that criticizes what we write before we even write it.

One way to turn off the inner editor is to keep yourself from seeing what you're writing.

When you're doing a writing exercise try turning the text white or turn off the monitor or put a towel over it. That will keep your inner editor from checking over what you've written.

Then start writing. Just let the words flow without stopping.

You might find this really hard at the beginning. We're all used to judging what we write. But it will get easier the more often you do this.

Some people like to reread what they've written right away. Some like to let it sit a bit. Either way you may want to check it over to clean up any typos unless you're confident you'll know what "ntsteruiys" is next time you read it!
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