Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh, Most Revered One

hathor.jpgCall down the blessings of the gods and goddesses (or Ruler of Hell to smooth the way for evil plans) on some one, some thing or some endeavor with a blessing or prayer poem.

You can begin by addressing the higher power and then like a warm up, you can start each line with "May" or "Let" (or any word or phrase that strikes you as a respectful plea). Like a list poem, it can be a list of things or people you want protected from harm and the harm you want them protected from. It can be events you want to come to pass or flow smoothly.

Here's a bit from Prayer for Reptiles by Patricia Hubbell
God, keep all claw-denned alligators
Keep snake and lizard, tortoise, toad,
All creep-crawl
Tip-toe turtles
Where they stand,
Keep these;
From Poem of Direct Address in Poetry from A to Z by Paul B. Janeczko.

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