Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hey, you!

heyyou.jpgSpeak, in your poem, directly to someone or something. The speaker doesn't need to be you. It can be anyone or anything.

Try generating some ideas of who or what you're addressing or why first. That loosened me up considerably :-)

When you're done generating your own ideas, here's some ideas from the book:
anger ... at the alarm clock
thanks ... to your dog for keeping your feet warm in bed in January
bewilderment ... at a team that keeps losing, at the sun for coming up so early every morning
It can be:
what you have been wanting to say to someone
to the person who invented pizza
to the snow for canceling school.
And from me:
To the evil overlord you plan to destroy today.
To the werewolf terrorizing the village
To the temperamental engine in your space ship.
To the pebble in your shoe.
To the computer that's died with all your files.
To the wizard tome you aren't allowed to touch.
To the mountain between you and what you want.
To your best friend who has done something stupid.
To a device that always jams at the most inconvenient time.
From Poem of Direct Address in Poetry from A to Z by Paul B. Janeczko.

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