Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh, Most Reviled One

lockerbeesAs a counterpart to the blessing poem from the Oh, Most Revered One prompt, call down the ire of the gods and goddesses or Ruler of Hell on some one, some thing or some endeavor with a curse poem.

It's the opposite of the blessing poem. You can begin by addressing the higher power and then like a warm up, you can start each line with "May" or "Let". Like a list poem, it can be a list of things you want harmed and the harm you want to befall them. It can be a list of harms you want to befall someone who has really upset you. It can be events you want to go awry to foil your rival.

Here's a few lines from Paul Janeczko's curse poem: (His is rhyming couplets. You don't need to rhyme (but, in his poem's case, it helps give it a less serious tone :-)
May your gym shorts drop below your knees
May your locker fill with killer bees

May your parents find out what you did
May the bully find out where you hid

May you get a pimple on your nose
May you grow an extra pair of toes
From Poetry from A to Z by Paul B. Janeczko.

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