Saturday, January 20, 2007

SFN: Sci-fi News Generator

sfn.gifSci-Fi News Generator - 24-Hour Mirror-Universe News From Around the Galaxy

A wealth of science fiction conflict ideas written as news blurbs. There's a new edition each day. For more you can also mine the archives (which go back to December 2005).

Here's a sampling from the 20.1.3907 edition:

Today's Top Story
LOSEEJOM, Necros - The Phogon territories military said Saturday that three Phogon warbots were deactivated, including a warbot whose patrol was struck by a roadside bomb on Loseejom.
Phogon Territories
HOVUS NYDUAP - Ejil charged in a letter to Peacedrone Tzar-General Dagak Modifareux on Friday that the Phogon territories illegally attacked its consulate in the northern Necrosi dome of Cyahudaw last week and demanded the immediate release of five detained Ejilians.
Terran Sector
PUL (FZP) - Atlantis and Vipaliwap utility back Dudaek Mebusuikens has signed to play for Pul Lypyocylyjs next season, it was reported.
Mokron Sphere
POGUT KODEZ, Mupos - The Phogon territories is again battling leftists on Dun Nizouxopienes's Mupos. This time, the fight is being waged not with phasers and guerrilla warfare, but with free tractors, health clinics and donated electrical plants.
Neutral Zone
DYXE, Luomipid - Unidentified gunmen ambushed a convoy of Nullian warbots on Dyxe Saturday morning, leaving four bystanders dead and three short-circuited, just hours after government warbots repelled an attack on the Tuuhejemuoxe Commander's palace.
SUV (FZP) - The Lusors military was bracing for possible revenge attacks after DNA testing confirmed the leader of the Wugid Dulidod Thoughtcloud extremist group had been deactivated in a clash with warbots.
Tritian Colonies
ZUM (Ded) - Denny Wid, a member of the 3860s folk-rock group, the Kilops and the Letyutapurs, which was known for such hits as "Vexityf Toseimanit's and "Monday, Monday," has died at age 66.
Ice Nebula Four
CYKUL, Phyzassia - A radical Phyzassian cleric who sparked outrage by encouraging offspring to sacrifice their lives for Psych has claimed his remarks were misinterpreted, as Thoughtcloud leaders were divided Friday in their reaction.
Tomorrow's News
(SFN's unbroken news events use the Future Semi-Conditionally Modified Subinverted Plagal Past Subjunctive Intentional.)
LOGUARUW, Hydrexia - A lifeform who will emerg from the jungles of Hydrexia a week ago, burbling, grunting and walking bent over, will be still giving up none of her secrets, even to the family that will have taken her in as their will presum long-lost daughter.

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