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quince.jpgChoose one of the following for a writing prompt.

For the purposes of the prompt, the following pangrams are unexpected couplings of ideas. Out in the world beyond the prompt, pangrams are sentences that use all the letters in an alphabet. The most well known pangram (to English speakers) is "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog." Pangram is Greek for "all letters". They're also called holoalphabetic sentence.

Bulgarian: Жълтата дюля беше щастлива, че пухът, който цъфна, замръзна като гьон.

The yellow quince was happy that the fluff, which bloomed, froze like sole-leather.

German: Victor jagt zwölf Boxkämpfer quer über den großen Sylter Deich.

Victor chases twelve box fighters across the great dam of Sylt.

Greek: Ξεσκεπάζω την ψυχοφθόρα βδελυγμία.

I uncover the soul-destroying abhorrence.

Lithuanian: Įlinkdama fechtuotojo špaga sublykčiojusi pragręžė apvalų arbūzą.

Incurving fencer sword sparkled and perforated a round watermelon.

Norwegian: Vår sære Zulu fra badeøya spilte jo whist og quickstep i min taxi.

Our strange Zule from the bathing Island did actually play whist and quickstep in my cab.

Serbian: Ljubazni fenjerdžija čađavog lica hoće da mi pokaže štos.

A kind lamplighter with grimy face wants to show me a stunt.


The five boxing wizards jump quickly.
Six big devils from Japan quickly forgot how to waltz.

These are just a few of the many pangrams at Wikipedia.

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