Saturday, January 27, 2007

FWN: Fantasy World News Generator

fwn.gifSimilar to last week's Sci-Fi News Generator, there also:

Fantasy World News - 24-Hour Mirror-Universe News From Another World

(It says they are autogenerated daily from 21st century Earth news. It's very clever!)

A huge collection of fantasy conflict ideas written as news blurbs. There's a new edition each day. For more you can also search the archives (which go back to March 2006).

Here's a sampling from the 27th of Snowfall, Year of the Sunfish edition:

Today's Top Story
BLACK CAVERN, the Kurmak Caves - Two cart fireballs in quick succession struck a market in a mainly rock kobold district in Black Cavern on Saturday, killing at least 13 people and wounding more than 40, militia said.
Orcish Realms
SYLKMOSS, Jordan - Firelifes' highest court rejected an appeal by a kobold adventurer sentenced to death for her role in the forces of evil-led triple hotel fireball spell that killed 60 people in Firelifes' worst chaotic-evil attack, according to court documents obtained Saturday.
HIGHTOWER CASTLE (WZP) - Pressure has mounted on Vizier Treechasm Rockgrass after his department failed to enforce overseas travel bans on convicted potion traffickers and the head of the youth justice board resigned.
East of the Mountains
RAINSMOKE SPYRESWORD - Six federal militia officers involved in King Dustgrass Branchdeaths' anti-potion operation were being investigated for extortion on Friday after they were videotaped taking money from a driver in the border city of Firerain, officials said.
The Swamplands
TREEBONE, Talonwater - On his first official visit to Dragonspire as the spirit world's Mage-general, Valesnake Brownark toured this war-torn capital Saturday, praising its people for holding their first elections and ushering in a fragile democracy.
The Far Plains
GRASSCAVE (Criers) - An outbreak of black death at a poultry farm in southwestern Illithidium was caused by the H5N1 strain of the hex, farm ministry officials said on Saturday, confirming the second such case in Illithidium this month.
Troll Mountains
CHASMWOOD (Criers) - Troll Blackheart Peakridge, whose false labeling as a Hymnian extremist by troll militia led to him being tortured in Hilljade jails, said on Friday his old life had been destroyed and brushed off the idea that Deepglasss' C10.5gp million (8.9gp million) compensation package could ever make up for what he has suffered.
HEARTHSHIRE (WZP) - The halfling government came under attack for its environmental policies from Leafstone Peaksnow, the wizard it named as peasant of the year just a day earlier.
Tavern Rumours
REDTREE, Basilisk - This small city on the Darkroot Vinetalon coast is getting used to being in the headlines - For all the wrong reasons. Over the past two years, Redtree - Best known for its successful professional jousting team, nicknamed the Darkroot Vinetalon Angelwood - Has been front and center in a series of events that have shocked Basilisk.

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