Saturday, May 13, 2006

What is ...?

mooneatingcloud.jpgYou only need two people for this game. The first person writes "What is _____" and fills in the blank with anything. Abstracts work well (love, anger, beauty, justice, equality, reason) but it can be any word. The first person folds the paper to hide what they've written. The second person writes a sentence in the form of a noun followed by a verb.

You can of course play this on your own by writing several of each on slips of paper and then drawing them randomly.

Here's some examples to get you started:
What is reason?
A cloud eaten by the moon.

What is equality?
A hierarchy like any other.

What is loyalty?
A dog beaten with a stick.

What is love?
A parrot holding a beer.

What is a clock?
A bottle floating down the river.

What is life?
A popsicle melting in the summer.

What is a balloon?
A dream come true.

What is a smile?
A model in a magazine.

What is an individual?
A midsummer night's dream.

What is fear?
An expedition like no other.

What is religion?
A sea flowing towards the sand.

What is love?
An apple that has fallen from a tree.

What is anger?
A thunderstorm with no lightning.

What is beauty?
A cup of medicine to make you sleep.

What is life?
Any job you've ever done.

What is eternity?
Something that never lasts.

What is knowledge?
A person who tries to fly.
From a game played by surrealists described at What is? on the Rhizome site.

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