Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dada writing

ballroom2.jpgAlternate the following sentences with sentences of your own to create a story!

(Feel free to rearrange some of the sentences and change the tense of the words, eg, send to sent or add a few words so they sound like sentences from a story. Right now they sound like newspaper headlines.)
  • Actuaries send threatening letters to Macintosh users.
  • The ladies dream that the auto mechanics would like to purchase physicists.
  • Faculty advisors hope to be hired as game show hosts.
  • Geologists own ballroom dancers.
  • Compulsive gamblers really hate the con artists.
  • Optometrists really hate the seismo-zombies.
  • Do you believe that criminals do not trust milkmen?
  • During the debate, Ann Richards maintained that the spirits possess the students.
  • People torture McDonalds' employees.
  • Civil servants argue endlessly about the farmers!

The sentences came from Clifty WebWorks Scripts: Random Sentence Generator.

Not Daddy. Dada. The Dada artists incorporated randomness into their art (fine art, poetry, literature, theater ...) Artists would cut up random pictures and paste them randomly together. Poets would cut up random articles from the newspaper and randomly paste them together.

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