Saturday, May 06, 2006

Random fantasy and science fiction sentences

sentencegenerator.jpgKessel's Random Sentence Generator is similar to the random sentences at the bottom of emails but they have a fantasy and science fiction flavor to them :-)

Here's a page generated by it. Every time you go to the page (or click reload) there will be new sentences. There are some phrases that jump out for me like:
  • carelessly paternal
  • blithe spirit (I think that was the name of a movie and/or play)
  • moldy roller coaster
  • defendant of a girl scout
  • some wheelbarrow plans an escape from a support group a moldy ocean
  • a turn signal from a line dancer
  • a truce with a revered spider
  • sanitizes a steam engine of a demon
  • how lazily a precise grain of sand goes to sleep
  • ridiculously hypnotic support group
Yikes! I could keep going!


When a surly photon is carelessly paternal, the tomato related to a cyprus mulch accidentally satiates a fraction. Now and then, the submarine of the blithe spirit finds lice on a fruit cake. For example, the moldy roller coaster indicates that another turn signal related to the class action suit derives perverse satisfaction from the defendant of a girl scout. Indeed, the particle accelerator defined by a light bulb ridiculously can be kind to the steam engine around the customer. A slyly childlike cough syrup is burly.

A boiled corporation

Indeed, a sandwich somewhat brainwashes the power drill. A twisted cough syrup is mean-spirited. Furthermore, a carpet tack inside a ski lodge prays, and a cyprus mulch defined by the satellite learns a hard lesson from a fundraiser. The orbiting tomato figures out some spider about the judge. Furthermore, a microscope hides, and some wheelbarrow plans an escape from a support group a moldy ocean.

Some hydrogen atom near the parking lot

For example, a turn signal from a line dancer indicates that a rattlesnake for a cowboy is a big fan of a movie theater. Most people believe that a statesmanlike buzzard secretly sanitizes a steam engine of a demon, but they need to remember how lazily a precise grain of sand goes to sleep. A bottle of beer related to the wedge makes a truce with a revered spider, or the ridiculously hypnotic support group conquers a fruit cake. When a scooby snack is elusive, the tape recorder hardly ignores a feline sheriff.

A frozen power drill

A garbage can steals pencils from the burglar. If another short order cook plays pinochle with a vaporized grand piano, then the particle accelerator near a fundraiser reads a magazine. The tuba player reaches an understanding with a cab driver. A pompous rattlesnake pours freezing cold water on an alleged demon.


A submarine flies into a rage, or a hole puncher from some pit viper buries a green food stamp. Furthermore, another twisted ball bearing hesitates, and a carpet tack beyond the class action suit gives a pink slip to the rude tuba player. A cyprus mulch is righteous. A warranty ruminates, and the satellite about a reactor rejoices; however, the surly wedge non-chalantly buys an expensive gift for a dolphin from a pine cone. A salad dressing operates a small fruit stand with the crane.

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