Thursday, May 25, 2006


googlism.gifType a name or word or phrase into Googlism, click "Who" or "What" or "Where" or "When" then click "Googlism!" (If you don't get a full page of possibilities, try a more common name. Joyce turns up a full page. Joyce Fetteroll tells me I'm a mom to 11 year old kathryn and wife to carl ;-)

(Note, there may be some beyond PG-13 results mixed in there! Also, unfortunately, Google shut them down a bit after they started so there aren't any new lists being generated but there's a huge list of saved Googlisms.)

Pick several to create a character sketch.

Use that character sketch as a writing prompt.

Here's a sampling:

joyce is predominantly humorous
joyce is born in rathgar
joyce is a magical spellbinder who touches young and old in ways that help us experience the joy of living
joyce is related to me but how?
joyce is really jumpin'
joyce is dead for a time
joyce is alive and concerned
joyce is a shutout sensation
joyce is on " the other side "
joyce is a graduate of quiet decisions hypnotherapy and behavior modification
joyce is not perfect
joyce is portrayed as a neurotic and jealous voyeur
joyce is not of any particular interest for this paper
joyce is a well
joyce is young at heart and she's gone through her life being pulled
joyce is a true diva
joyce is one of the great musical treasures of brazil
joyce is a member of the quest team (Jonny Quest? :-)
joyce is known as the psychic's psychic
joyce is a five year old african american female
joyce is willing to travel anywhere

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