Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One sentence review

Grab a book (probably works best with fiction but don't limit yourself). Open it and randomly choose a sentence. Use that sentence as though it represents the essence of the plot. Set the timer for 10-15 minutes and write a review for the book.

Inspired by the article I REVIEW BOOKS BASED ON ONE RANDOM SENTENCE by Jack Pendarvis

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Joyce Fetteroll said...

This was harder than I expected. I debated between a book I knew little about and a favorite one. The bad point about the second is that I knew the characters. So, though, I chose a line with no names, I could only picture the main character in the scene! And I sat for several minutes trying not to think of her.

This is from Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich. Though her books are humorous mysteries, it took several random lines before I found one that wasn’t boring.

"Before we had a chance to react, the front door burst open and a naked guy rushed out at us almost knocking me off the stoop."

Ten-year old girl scouts Sophi Noone and Corrie Parker are innocents in the soap opera town of Steam Vent. As they go door to door selling Girl Scout cookies, they open doors on the peccadilloes of their seemingly quiet town. They catch glimpses of naked men, commando cats, flying brassieres, crazy bird ladies, and more affairs than there are chips in a Double Dutch Girl Scout cookie.

The girls surprisingly remain innocent throughout, acting as social commentators on the daft behavior of the supposedly older and wiser adults around them.