Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Anti-lipogrammatic dragons

Take the sentences you generated last week for Alphabetical dragons and, while trying to capture the same idea, rewrite using only words that don't contain that letter of the alphabet. (You can read more about Lipograms and Anti-lipograms.)

Here's the W example I gave last week:
Wini the Worm, wriggled wearily westward toward the Wailing Wood, wreathed in white wisps and wrapped in remnants of war.
And I'll try to write it without Ws:
Fredi the Firedrake, jiggled tiredly anti-easterly in the direction of the Crying Forest, surrounded by pale tendrils and cloaked in remnants of battle.
(You can use your word processor search feature to search for the letter to see if one snuck into the middle of a word.)
If you need synonym help the Free Dictionary has a pretty good thesaurus.

Wiktionary, in addition to definitions, has foreign words and synonyms for some words. It was good for dragon (and forest) but just gave me a definition for wriggle.

And the Visual Thesaurus is cool :-). It's a program/subscription but you can try it out a limited number of times for free. After you type in a word you can click on any of the words in the map and it will put that at the center with related words around it.
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