Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Seven random words: A spotless blizzard

Write sentences that contain all 7 of the words on each line. Feel free to change some of the word endings, eg, change crooked to crook or crooks.
  1. spotless blizzard disease dramatic protest flipped deny
  2. whimpered mystery rare raced uglier accident candle
  3. crooked frightened horse instantly excited flames circular
  4. shiver horrible blood secret return distant cavern
  5. squashed slowest private billion sharp ignorance shiver
  6. dangerous bounce rainy jokes overgrown furry explore
  7. fatal roam frightened wise slobbered bubbly traveler
  8. slippery chewed priest return drooled waterfall fairy
  9. altered bumpy foggy journey deny skull dragon
  10. ice outstanding waterfall future toe modified forest
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