Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Name that character

Create a name (or names) for each of the following characters:
  • She's a 1017 year old dragon whose claws are worn down from endlessly counting her coins.
  • He's a cat person tossed out of his clan and searching for a new one to join.
  • She's a thief and a liar who always wants to do right but always makes the wrong choice.
  • He's a captain of an interstellar cruise ship who dreams of being an interstellar adventurer, discovering new planets.
  • She's an ancient wizard, weary of life, and more weary watching the energy of her 12 year old apprentice.
  • He works as an innkeeper but is actually a diviner of the future who's hiding from the evil princess who wants to control him.
  • She's a warrior who will travel to any place and any time for a price.
  • He's a cabin boy on a pirate space ship.
  • She's an astronomer who dreams of going to the stars but fears space travel.
  • He's a cabinet maker whose cabinets are doorways to other worlds.
  • She has green hair, yellow eyes and needle sharp teeth.
  • He's the keeper of animals for the queen's menagerie.
  • She's an actress whose style is recorded and used as characters in computer generated holographic adventures.
  • He's a demon in the guise of a raven haired woman.
  • She's a detective living at the edges of the sprawling Mars Colony.
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