Sunday, December 25, 2005

Bright and lovely chestnuts

Wish I'd stumbled across this site earlier in the month but since I didn't I decided to send it as a Christmas present. :-)

Write a story that includes one of these sentences. Try writing the sentence down and working onward from it. Then if you find you need to build up to the sentence for the story to make sense, just add some at the beginning
  • During the silent night jingled bright and lovely chestnuts.
  • On Santa's lap flew frozen and adorable children.
  • In the winter wonderland flashed huge and sparkling snowflakes.
  • During the blizzard rejoiced glittering and festive angels.
  • Through the wintery darkness sparkled bright and colorful children.
  • In the frozen north glittered toasty and warm carolers.
These sentences were automatically generated at WritingFix's Great Sentence Creator: Funny Christmas.

Or do the same with one of these sentences. (You can rearrange the parts between the "/"s to make the sentences sound the way you want them to. For example, "on Christmas day" can go at the beginning. Of course you can always alter any prompt!)
  • The sticky candy cane / drifted / behind the house / on Christmas day.
  • Frozen Old Frosty / teetered / beside the big tree / during the snowstorm.
  • Magnificent Mary / plunged / next to the chimney / late in the afternoon.
  • The amazing angel / bounced / in back of the couch / before we said grace.
  • A radical Rudolph / slunk / across the yard / on Christmas Eve.
  • The luminous lights / drifted / next to the package / during the snowstorm.
These sentences were automatically generated at Who/What/When/Where Games: Christmas.

Merry Christmas!
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