Thursday, December 22, 2005

Random manga lines

One way to jump start a story when you're stuck is to randomly choose a line from a book. I used this at least twice last month during NaNoWriMo and actually prompted two of my favorite scenes and characters. Since my writing is rather manga-ish, I chose lines from manga.

Pick one as a writing prompt.
  • "Looks like hell has officially frozen over."

  • "The thoughts of a fool amount to nothing no matter how high they are piled."

  • "'This nation will be mine!' Or so he says."

  • "The body's moving by itself!"

  • "What'd you do with my rice bowl!"

  • "You weren't so civil last time we met. Do you remember? I was still gathering my powers."

  • "And I nrver goy the best of him ... not once! Like I said, he's brilliant."

  • "It's nothing ... I just sensed someone looking at me."

  • "It took much longer this time, didn't it?"

  • "You little fraud! Showing your true nature at last I see!"
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