Thursday, December 01, 2005


Use the following homophones in a sentence or phrase. (The -s means the plurals are also homophones.)
pride, pried
tea, tee, ti ["do, re"], [T]
toad, toed, towed
udder (-s), utter (-s)
worst, wurst
aerie, airy
ate, eight
bazaar, bizarre
braid, brayed
dewed, dude
ewes, use, yews
friar, fryer
its, it's
lightening, lightning
loan, lone
miner, minor
pi, pie
prince, prints
rose, rows
tacked, tact
taper (-s), tapir (-s)
thyme, time
waist (-s), waste (-s)
whose, who's
yore, your, you're
you'll, yule
When you're done, Dittograms has some funny (and punny) homophones.
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