Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Five random words: The guest thief

Write sentences that contain all 5 of the words on each line. Feel free to change some of the word endings, eg, change jokes to joked or joking.
  1. guest thief horns stripes jokes
  2. spiked mossy meadow liver dancer
  3. explore unbelievable jokes seasons embarrassed
  4. million master spiral eyeball cavern
  5. squealed baboon traveler curved drench
  6. disease crooked hobbled monk squashed
  7. ooze frost wings roam checkered
  8. dangerous meadow baboon chameleon entertainment
  9. hobbled invent scorpion return strange
  10. screech acrobat unusual crackling sharp
  11. demon unfriendly moldy million flipped
  12. stranger rage curved mystery valley
  13. shy crumbling sweat brain amazing
  14. private entertainment hunger shy eyeball
  15. shy miniscule complain fantastic gigantic
  16. whimpered deep unusual guard fuzzy
  17. fatal enjoyable overgrown reward book
  18. shiver tongue creature penalty misty
  19. past coward whimpered horrible dragon
  20. priest dangerous protest frightened guest
This was inspired by the game Baffle-Gab. I haven't played the game but it does look fun. (Though from the examples shown at the website the nouns look like present day stuff like astronauts and so on.)

If you're clever with spreadsheets, you can generate more sets of 5 random words like above.
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