Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Charm of Princesses

Pick a handful of princesses and throw them together. Perhaps a detective agency. Crime fighters. Jewel thieves. Dragon slayers. Dog-fighters in the war.

Or pit them against each other: Enchanted Princess Pageant. Chefs on a competition show. All unknowingly married to the same man. Advertising agents.

(A reader asked if TV Tropes had a similar list for Princes. Unfortunately not. But linked from their Prince Charming page are The Wise Prince, The White Prince, The Evil Prince, Prince Charmless and The Warrior Prince. And each of those has descriptions of their qualities. Not nice and neat like the Princess list though.)

Types of Princesses, or characters who are often Princesses
(From TV Tropes)

Tropes related to Princesses

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