Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Frozen Dead Guy Festival

There are legends and then there's the truth.

For 50 years the town of Gnaw Bone has been irreverently celebrating the anniversary of the frozen dead guy who floated into town on a freakish midwinter melt encased in a chunk of ice. During the festival, along with coffin races, ice sculptures and funeral-paced parades, tours of his chilly resting place where he remains frozen are available.

No one knows who he was but of course stories have grown into bigger-than life legends.

And then, with advances in cryogenics, a group offers to revive him. The town is divided. The Frozen Dead Guy is their one yearly opportunity to be more than a backwater town. He's also a human being with the opportunity to carry on with his life. Or did he give that up once he became frozen?

Take this in whatever direction you wish. You can create the legends. You can debate multiple sides of the issue. You can explore what happens if he is revived.

Inspired by Frozen Dead Guy Days celebrated in Nederland, CO.
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