Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Surreal compliments

monstrousvalentines.jpgWrite a love letter containing one or more of the following. Is the sender serious and think his compliments will be well received? Does the recipient appreciate them?
  • Your eyes glow like naked livers burning in the sun.
  • Seven donkeys and a concubine cannot compare with the tarnished sheen left in your path of combustion.
  • Your timeless negligence has a way of arousing my palliative inuendo.
  • Your legs are like threads of cotton, though much thicker, and filled with weevils.
  • The microfine network of eyes traversing your shoulders causes me to shudder in anticipation of the coming of the wondrous season of jaundiced eskimos and impotent Anglican priests.
  • My eyelids belch with effluvial afterthoughts when you tease me with gelatin and congealed chicken rinds.
  • Madame, ist thou donning space underwear? For thine ass doth lie beyond the physical boundaries of this world!

From The Surrealist Compliment Generator.

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