Thursday, June 15, 2006

Surreal shopping list

olddog.jpgWrite a surreal "shopping list."

Have on your list one of the first thing, two of he second thing, three of the third ... If you want, have a theme running through it.

Let your imagination flow and list however many things 10-15 minutes will let you.

Here's an example if you need a jump start. The prompt and example were created by cuddledumplin at [a now defunct site].
  • One guard dog too old and tired to bark.
  • Two idealistic dancing robots who are short on skill but long on daring.
  • Three cups of sweet soup made from pansies, honey, cinnamon, and cream.
  • Four American tourists with faces more ironic than Wallace Stevens eating a vanilla cone at Versailles.
  • Five nightsticks of carved jade in the shape of slender elephants with diamond eyes and golden trunks that are used to squish ants.

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