Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Story spinner

lighthouse.jpgPick one of the following as a 10-15 minute writing prompt. Try to get all 4 words into your story.
  • Setting: in a lighthouse
    Starting phrase: "I remember disliking"
    4 words: wrestle, adamant, king-size bed, asterisk

  • Setting: in a ditch
    Starting phrase: "She adjusted her halo"
    4 words: disguise, harpoon, boxing match, sever

  • Setting: in a state park
    Starting phrase: "The best hiding place"
    4 words: flannel, flaky, leopard, splinter

  • Setting: in Hollywood
    Starting phrase: "It's hard to believe, but"
    4 words: tumble, curve ball, bleach, Siberia

  • Setting: in a doorway
    Starting phrase: "Winning isn't"
    4 words: foreigner, azalea, 3-d glasses, dictionary
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