Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mysterious places

mysteriousbritain.jpgIf you need some inspiration on creating mysterious places, Mysterious Britain has a nice collection.

The main collection is at Featured Sites. There are photos, history, legends, enigmas for the sites listed. Some have a "Photo Gallery" link next to the name for more pictures.

If you go to the Home page there are links to more though shorter articles about other sites.

Here's a bit from "The Aldworth Giants".
The tiny atmospheric parish church at Aldworth, contains numerous huge effigies of the De La Beche family. The figures are supposed to be life size representations, depicting knights all over seven feet tall.

According to tradition the giants were known by other names: John Long, John Strong, John Never Afraid and John Ever Afraid. The effigy said to represent John Ever afraid no longer exists, but was set in an alcove in the outside wall of the church, which has now been blocked. It is said that he sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for worldly riches. The bargain was that the Devil would claim his soul whether he was buried inside or outside the church. Burying his body within the church walls meant that the Devil was cheated of his prize.

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