Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tomb Readers

Your character has discovered an ancient tomb that has lain undisturbed since the day it was last sealed. (The tomb can be this world, some other world, a fantasy world.)

The tomb complex apparently was for a clan rather than just one person and was used for several generations. Not only are the rooms filled with objects, but frescos detail their daily lives. You can see how the objects were used but any understanding beyond that is guess work.

So your task is to describe how and why the objects were used. Each object was used in each of the five areas of life, eg, a knife was used ritualistically (or practically) in birth, food, in worship, marriage and death.

The Gods

a knife
a golden ring
a piece of blue fabric (about 2' by 2')
a round platter with two multi-pointed stars or suns in the middle, one larger than the other. (The world only has one sun.)
a red cord (about 3')

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