Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big meanings, small packages

All last week Anu Garg sent out as his Word a Day short words that have multiple meanings. Pick one word and use as many of the meanings of it as you can in a piece. For a real challenge include all the words.

1. Fierce; cruel; lethal.
2. In the idiom, in one fell swoop (all at once, as if by a blow).

1. To knock down, strike, or cut down.
2. To sew a seam by folding one rough edge under the other, flat, on the wrong side, as in jeans.

1. The amount of timber cut.
2. In sewing, a felled seam.

A stretch of open country in the highlands.

The skin or hide of an animal.

1. The small seed of a fruit, such as an apple or an orange.
2. Something or someone wonderful.

1. One of the dots or symbols on a die, playing card, or domino.
2. Any of the diamond-shaped segments on the surface of a pineapple.
3. An insignia on the shoulder indicating an officer's rank.

1. A disease of birds marked by mucus in the mouth.
2. Any minor, nonspecific ailment in a person.

The smallest change in the exchange rate for a given currency pair. Most major currencies (except yen) are priced to the fourth decimal place, so a pip is 1/100 of one percent (.0001).

verb tr.:
1. To defeat, especially by a narrow margin or at the last moment.
2. To hit with a gunshot.
3. To blackball.

verb intr.:
To peep or chirp.

verb tr.:
To break through the shell of an egg when hatching.

1. A veteran sailor.
2. A harbor seal.
3. A pirate or privateer.
4. A faint rainbow-like formation seen in foggy conditions. Also called mistbow, fogbow, and white rainbow.

1. The flat, triangular piece at the end of an arm of an anchor.
2. A barb or barbed head on a harpoon, arrow, etc.
3. Either of the two lobes of a whale's tail.

A chance occurrence, especially a stroke of good luck.

1. A flatfish, especially a flounder of the genus Paralichthys.
2. A trematode: a type of flatworm.

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