Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ugly is beautiful

uglyisbeautiful.jpgOne person's trash, as they say, is another's treasure. To some people a house full of stuff is a mess but to another it's loaded with treasures yet to be (re)discovered. Guy warthogs think girl warthogs look beautiful and vice versa :-) No matter how ugly something is *to us* it's beautiful to someone else.

Write about something most people think is ugly and describe it from the point of view of someone who thinks it's beautiful: they've caught their first sight of it and they're enraptured.

An overflowing trash can to a homeless person.

A packed to the gills junk shop to a collector.

A wrecked alien space craft to an extraterrestrial enthusiast.

Crumbling inventory pages from a lost civilization to an archaeologist.

If you need a picture, here are a couple: a baby hyena (original or copy) and blue turkey (original or copy).

Inspired by (the now defunct) About: Teen Writing.
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