Thursday, May 31, 2007

Smells of things that don't smell (much)

snowflakenose.jpgWhat is the smell of:
  • the moon
  • sadness
  • a child's joy in watching a soap bubble
  • grief
  • cowardice
  • snow
  • velcro
  • a nasty letter
  • silver
  • mystery
  • sand
  • a sidewalk in summer
  • the middle of the earth
  • purple
  • a contented dog napping
  • a cloudless spring sky
  • gold
  • a dollar bill
Once you've finished, circle the three you like the best and use as a writing prompt.

This is one of a year's worth of writing prompts written by C.M. Mayo and archived at DAILY 5 MINUTE WRITING EXERCISE.

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