Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A plethora of randomness

Here are a few random generators I stumbled across recently and a sampling from each. Perfect for NaNoWriMo or anytime you get stuck for inspiration throughout the year.

Plot scenario generator from Archetypewriting
  • The story starts when your protagonist is forced to accept a job. Another character is a soldier who always loses his/her temper.
  • The story starts when your protagonist receives a strange object in the mail. Another character is a clone who is your protagonist's favorite author.
  • The story starts when your protagonist recognizes someone who doesn't want to be recognized. Another character is an anesthesist who has engineered a deadly disease.
  • The story starts when your protagonist takes up a new hobby. Another character is an alien entity who has a secret power.
  • The story starts when your protagonist goes to a party. Another character is a pharmacist who is playing a joke that's gone wrong.
And from Chaotic Shiny. This is just a teeny sample of what's available there. Need a religion? Motto? Tavern? Futuristic spare part? Tarot card? Fancy drink? Apocalypse? Country song? (And still just a teeny sample! The choices are all conveniently listed down the left side at their site.)

Setting mashup
  • Iron Age Japan and game shows
  • 30th century Central Africa and archaeologists
  • Bronze Age Mongolia and demonic possession
  • Primeval Italy and war in the heavens
  • 9th century Alexandria, monks and space travel
Adventure generator
  • The heroes must keep watch over the wasteland before the vampire is silenced or the thief will be displeased.
  • The heroes must carry out the plans of the idealistic herald or the psychic can destroy them all.
  • The heroes must master the powers of the asylum without exposing their own ignorance or the lovers will never be reunited.
  • The heroes must find the unholy arrow without the paladin learning of their plans or the pirate will be able to summon the forces of darkness.
  • The heroes must retrieve the golden skull from the spire without violating their sworn oath.
Mashup Masher
  • Storm pirates and assassins in Bronze Age England. Some things you might run into: a scorned lover, an illness, a breakdown and an inept guard.
  • Angel thieves, magical war, rock stars and blood sports in Renaissance Translyvania. Some things to look out for are giant rats and bioengineered plagues. Some things you might run into: a discovery, a reunion, a love triangle and a journey. Don't forget about the quill, island, vampire, necklace and a parting of ways.
  • Vengenance arcanists, nightmare mercenaries, and lynx knights in primeval Far East. Valient heroes battle religious cults and fanatics. Some things you might run into: a case of mistaken identity and a heroic deed.
  • Death zealots of suffering, omniclerics of compassion, star pirates of memory in primeval Middle East. Recent problems include wild magic and world domination attempts gone wrong. Some things you might run into: eternal loneliness and a powerful friendship.
  • Lightning sorcerers, electroassassins, ghosts and hovercars in ancient China. Some things you might run into: a reversal of fortune, a klutzy sidekick and a fight. Don't forget about the ruby, courier and pilgrimage site.
Prophecies (the generator also lets you scramble them if you haven't had a headache in a while)
  • A journey shall not happen with the lucky bat at the beginning.
  • A legal problem will not happen in a courtyard.
  • The cynical devil will not seed and the hungry page will finally sneer at the coming of dissent.
  • The drunken mage shall conclude with the melancholy raven.
  • The fearless duelist will iron in a tomb at noon before the coming of music.
Motive generator -- I really liked these perhaps because I'm reading The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller by John Truby. He basically walks you through the process of building your story around your character's weakness. And this is quite the collection of weaknesses!
  • This character is motivated by overwhelming compassion, perverse duty and artificial paranoia. They are unaware of at least one of these.
  • This character is motivated by twisted integrity, envy and zealotry. They are up-front about at least one of these reasons.
  • This character is motivated by stubbornness, overwhelming honor and feigned loathing. They are trying to overcome at least one of these.
  • This character is motivated by mischief, confused impatience and pride.
  • This character is motivated by idealism, feigned insanity and wanderlust.
  • This character is motivated by overwhelming compassion, unlikely fear, stubbornness and desire for knowledge.
  • This character is motivated by idealism, paranoia, deep-seated resentment and twisted lust. They are very self-aware about all of this.

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