Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Delightfully rejected

Write a rejection letter. As an extra challenge, make it so nice the person isn't positive they've been rejected. If you need some ideas:

Rejected from Star Fleet Academy.
Rejection of a really bad book.
Rejected from Hogwarts.
Rejected from
Rejected from Hell.
Rejection of a town "improvement" idea.
Rejected as a comic book hero.
Rejected from demonhood.
Rejected from Godhood.
Rejected from Angel Academy.
Rejection of a spell from The Grimoire (Standard Edition) (Revised).
Rejection of the ugly duckling.
Rejection of Santa's replacement.
Rejected from reform school.
Rejected from charm school.
Rejected from the zombie pack.
Rejected from the Vampire Hall of Fame.

For some grins when you're done: Other People's Rejection Letters and Letters of Note.

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