Tuesday, August 24, 2010

V is for cheerleader

A is for seed.

At least it is in George Shannon's Tomorrow's Alphabet because today's seed is tomorrow's Apple.

Give it an alphabetical try! The letter is the first letter of the "tomorrow" word and the "today" word is the word the letter stands for.

A fill-in-the-blank list: "Today's ___ is tomorrow's ___," should help to keep your todays and tomorrows from getting mixed up. Try brainstorming a list of things that changed or were changed. When you're done brainstorming, plug the word into the appropriate space and fill in the other.

Don't let the alphabet form tie you to kid ideas. V can be for cheerleader (who spent the evening with the long-toothed boy). D is for aging gladiator (who became dinner for the lion).

George Shannon also wrote a similar book Q is for Duck.

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