Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tempestuous weasel

Choose one of the following for a story. Constraining yourself to what's given can be inspiring, but if a different mix sparks a story idea for you, go for it. :-)

The story is about:Who is:At some point the setting is:Include the following words:
an immortal womana witcha bleak prisonscarcity, growing old, desire
a ruined elfan investigatora drenched chamberwound, silence, inhabit
a treasonous spidera runawaya forbidden atticpoison, loyalty, faint
an oozing beasta healera crumbling space stationcustoms, betrayal, tree
a tempestuous weasela bounty huntera foreign towercorpse, imagination, secure
a perky lizarda queena haunted furnace roomscourge, racism, find
an unlucky soula traitora mythological pooltears, honesty, lift
a repulsive dragona slavea private templerunes, mercy, combat
an outcast boyan actora ruined circusgeneration starship, privacy, dare
an alchemist cat boya masteran abandoned hospitalbook of prayers, regret, dare
a tattooed girlan heir apparenta sacred cryptaura, loyalty, celebrate
an unforgettable spiritan actora shadowy tunnelexcuse, tradition, rile

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