Thursday, March 12, 2009

Talk to the animals

I'm Amy Morshower, Pet Psychic, also known as an Animal Communicator. Ever since I was a child, I've had a connection with animals. When Mistress Muffington our champion Pomeranian became with puppies she named the debaucher for me and we had him fixed. Whenever my brother got too annoying, I persuaded the spiders to build nests in his room.

Do you ever wonder:
  • what your cat thinks of you?
  • where your dog ran off to?
  • whether your bull has forgiven you for having him castrated?
  • what your cat means when he barfs in your shoe?
  • why your horse threw the last race?
  • whether your sheep are satisfied?
Has your pet been an eye witness to a crime? Whether it be Snookie Cat beneath the bed, Snowball the Hamster in a cage or Bucko, the neighbor's dog tied in the yard. Often they eavesdrop on conversations, have unique perspectives on taste and refined scent senses. I can help them convey their opinions.

Consultations can be face to face with you, face to muzzle with your pet, through a photograph or artifact when a corporeal form might be too difficult to produce. All provide portals to your animal's spirit.

I also offer counseling by phone, on line, email, fax, text, IM. When I speak about your pet to you remotely, I am linked psychically through your pet's name, like a radio frequency I can tune into.

Take that any direction you're inspired to take it, from Amy's point of view, her brother's, a client's, a dissatisfied client's, an desperate investigating officer, Amy's psychiatrist ...

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