Thursday, March 19, 2009

Show of hands

Instructions of what to write are hidden in the purple. Do one step at a time to release you from concern about where a piece might be headed. You're not concerned about story. You're just doing one step at a time.

So don't peek ahead! Highlight one box at a time (the last line is split in two so highlight both). (If for some reason that doesn't reveal the text, just copy and paste one line at a time into your document.)

  • Describe someone's hands.
  • Describe something they're doing with their hands.
  • Someone else enters the scene.
  • Describe your character's emotions about this new person just through their hands.

This was inspired by "A Creative Exercise in 5 Steps". Her steps are different, more open ended.

The slide show is from Guido Danielle. There are more examples at his website.

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TJ said...

I have never seen such body painting.The work was fabulous.